Aurelius Academy
Welcome to Aurelius Academy, a boarding school for high school students who have enough money or talent to get in. Aurelius Academy is a high-end boarding school located in San Diego, California. Aurelius Academy is open to all high school students around the world. Aurelius Academy’s attendees are always guaranteed to make it big in their lives, no matter what they want to do, whether they choose to become an actor or a business man. It is known to be one of the best boarding schools in the whole world, and for this reason, it’s garnering attention from many parents this year. Aurelius Academy offers many great features, like great shopping malls and restaurants, your teen will have a great time here at Aurelius and they will be in great hands. It is truly a great college prep school, and no one has ever been disappointed with their child’s outcome after coming out of this school. But you do know what they say, high school does suck.


School Application 

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